Tuesday, August 22, 2006

touch it gently

step on up and lick my butt
tickle my balls you dirty slut

swallow my dick it's full of flavor
i'll suck on your tits like a now and later

breast milk sprayin all over the place
got your titties floppin in front of my face

so i slap em with my tongue cuz i love the taste
and then i gets the fuck out like i'm runnin a race

quantum leap

i like my bitch on her knees when she's suckin on deez nutz
dirty ass pussy so i stick it in her butt
bustin fat loads on the faces of fat sluts
keep my dick sloppy, bitch, i need to catch my nut

fuckin in the back seat
fuckin at a track meet
fuckin at my house, on the couch, watchin quantum leap
stick my cock in real deep
fuck her till i fall asleep
then i wake up do it all again, i'm a sex fiend

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

i gots da funk

weed smokin, pussy funkin
back and forth my dick is pumpin
bounce that ass i see it slumpin
turn yo head and show me somethin

i'm gruntin, not frontin, hit it from the back till i'm bustin and nuttin
yo moanin and groanin, i'll hit it till the early mornin

my dick is sweet and slick
so i busted my nut and i funked my bitch

young and impressionable

yo i'm young, rich, got a beamer and a bitch
with a grand in my pocket and the silver on my wrist
got the polos on my toes and solid gold dick
so much money in my bank account to make them bitches sick

i got the antidote
i put my dick straight down they're throats
until they better like a cure for the common cold
and by the young bitches i am told

i be handlin my biz like a pussy professional

Friday, July 08, 2005

i'm a rappin machine

scrape off the rust brush off the dust
comin through your brain like a motherfuckin chemical rush
when i bust hypnotic melodies and rhymes and such
you can trust i don't love bitches they just love my nuts

all i see is crazy bitches stuck on money and greed
what i need is tight pussy in a bed on her knees
who we be? the crew tx tore up on liquor and weed
fuckin bitches on the daily never ever ever spreadin the seed